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During the wake of the Syrian Crisis, Türkiye opened its arms to thousands of displaced children seeking refuge. Among them was a boy named Muhammed, a child whose story would ignite a profound transformation.

Muhammed, much like his fellow Syrian children, found himself laboring in a garment factory to help provide for his family. Despite having attended school prior to their migration, Muhammed was forced to drop out upon their arrival in Turkey. It was 2016 when the winds of change began to stir.

An activist journalist, driven by an unwavering passion for social justice, crossed paths with Muhammed. The young boy shared his poignant story, revealing a singular dream within his heart: the dream of becoming a student once more.

With unwavering determination, the activist journalist, a remarkable woman of action, ignited a spark that would set ablaze the collective conscience of society. She not only inspired her team but also the wider community to rally behind the cause of Syrian refugee children and their right to education. This passionate team came together to embark on a journey of hope, inclusion, and transformation.

Their concerted efforts bore fruit, making it possible for countless children, just like Muhammed, to rekindle their educational aspirations. The very essence of these refugee children's lives was uplifted, with their families receiving vital financial support. The YEÇED team took on the crucial role of overseeing their registration processes and guiding them through their academic journeys.

The story of Muhammed, who dreamed of returning to school, became a beacon of hope for thousands of children like him. It marked the beginning of a beautiful narrative, one of resilience, empowerment, and solidarity. Today, our journey continues as we strive to uphold our commitment to children, creating opportunities for their growth and well-being. The story of Muhammed reminds us that a single spark of change can ignite a blaze of transformation that touches countless lives.

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